Offshore Accounting

Caprica Registry has a team of CPAs and professional accountants that help clients set up and maintain the accounting systems for their offshore companies. Whether your goals are to understand the profitability of your operations, obtaining the necessary data to prepare group accounting statements, applying for financing/external investments, or simply have financial statements at hand to meet compliance requirements in the specific jurisdiction you are incorporated, we are here to help.

While most offshore jurisdictions do not require to submit financial statements with the yearly annual returns, most mandate that books should be kept up to date, and may require them to be submitted in case of audit or other situations. As such, it is always best to be proactive in keeping your accounting in order. 

Caprica Registry uses primarily QuickBooks Online, and prepares financial statements that comply with IFRS guidelines.

Why Choose us


One-source access to a 12 offshore jurisdictions, and a wide network of banks, accountants, law firms and trust companies.


We operate as a lean organization, striving to keep costs low, and passing on those savings to our clients worldwide.


We are digitally-savvy and make use of the latest tools and technologies to help expand your company internationally


Our services are provided by a team of competent professionals located on three continents.